Scan folders, FAST

The fast scanning mode uses an interface similar to the Query DICOM servers or PACS interface. The results are displayed in text, with a different panel for each patient, study or series. No DICOM image is shown. This results in a fast overview of the scanned folders and subfolders, up to 20x faster (depending on the source of the DICOM files: local, network, removable media).

Select patient, study and/or series panels to load into the overview window. Use the Ctrl-button to add or remove a panel to the selection, use the Shift-button to add or remove a range of panels. You can select multiple panels of all types. Press the 'Load' button to load the selection in the overview window.

Enable the fast scanning mode in the settings window. Go to 'Scanning mode' and choose 'FAST'. All scanning tools will now scan in the fast mode.