Retrieve from PACS/DICOM servers

The retrieve window is opened after the retrieve button from the query interface is pressed. It shows where the data is being retrieved from, the files received, the storage location and transfer speed. Each retrieved DICOM file is shown in the overview window and after retrieval, the storage folder is added to the received- and retrieved folder list in the overview window for quick access.

The retrieve window is displayed during DICOM retrieval. The top part shows: The bottom part shows the storage folder first, followed by all retrieved DICOM files. The total number of files retrieved and at which average download speed is displayed.

Press the 'Cancel DICOM retrieve' button to cancel the retrieval. A cancel-request is sent to the PACS/DICOM server, wait for the PACS to stop sending DICOM data. This could take some time. Some servers cancel sending of data immediately, some will only handle your cancel request after sending of the current (or more) data.

After the retrieval, the number of successful files retrieved is shown including any possible retrieval errors. In case of a successful retrieval, the retrieve window is closed quickly.