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Types of licenses

    A software license is activated on-line with an Activation Key. The license is linked to the hardware signature of your computer. A single license allows the software to run on a single computer only, a network/floating license allows multiple users to run the software. The Activation Key is sent via email.

    A hardware license is a programmed USB key with must be plugged in to a computer to run the software. The hardware license is also available as single- or network/floating license.


    DICOM Viewer single software license upgrades:
      30  DAYS upgrade:          € 59
      90  DAYS upgrade:          €109
      365 DAYS upgrade:          €219
      UNLIMITED DAYS upgrade:    €419
      UNLIMITED to USB upgrade: +€199    (includes shipping)

    DICOM Viewer single hardware license:
      USB hardware key:          €599

    DICOM Viewer network/floating license:
      1 concurrent user:        € 499
      5 concurrent users:       €1999
      10 concurrent users:      €3499
      License roaming:            +10%
      USB hardware key:         +€199
      Require more users?  Contact us

    DICOM Anonymizer license upgrade:
      365 DAYS upgrade:           €99

    -All prices excl. 21% VAT. Are you VAT exempt? Please contact us.
    -All licenses include support and all modules.
    -30 or 90-days single software licenses cannot be transferred to a different computer.

Single license

    A single software license is linked to the hardware signature of your computer and can be used on a single computer only. The unlimited- or 365 days Licenses can be transferred to a different computer, this requires an internet connection.
    A single hardware license is burned on to a USB key. This USB key must be plugged in to your computer to run the software.

    At first start of our licensed software, a free 3-day limited software license is created on your computer. Please register the software in the Registration/Activation window to receive a free 7-day software license without further limitations. An Activation Key will be sent to the email address you fill out. Use this Key to activate the free 7-day software license without further limitations. When the license has expired, you must buy an upgrade to use the software.

    The hardware license simply requires you to plug in the USB key to continue using the software.

Network/floating license

    A network/floating license contains a limited number of simultaneous users. Licensing software must be installed on a server or computer available 24/7 to handle the start requests of all users. The user must have access to that server or computer to request a start of the software. When the maximum number of simultaneous users is reached, the next user must wait for someone to stop using the software.
    A software license (Activation Key) or hardware license (USB key) is available. License roaming is only available with a software license and available as an option.

Upgrade license

    Upgrade your free 7-day software license via the menu of the software: 'Help' - 'License' - 'Buy/Upgrade'. Payment via PayPal ensures an automatic upgrade of your license.
    Do you require a different payment method? Please contact us via email to receive a Payment-Link. The license will be upgraded when payment is received.

    If you wish to upgrade to an unlimited hardware license, this is available for the DICOM Viewer only. You will receive a programmed USB key which must be plugged in to your computer (or server for network/floating license) while using the DICOM Viewer.

License roaming

    This feature is available for a network/floating software license only.
    Roaming allows a user to check out a license from the network/floating-pool to the users' computer for a specific period of time. The license is deducted from the pool of available licenses and allows the user to run the application off-line.
    After this period of time, the license is returned to the pool of available licenses and the user must connect to the network to start the software or request a new roaming period.

Advantage/disadvantage of license types

    Software license:
    • Sent via email
    • Lower costs
    • Limited days upgrade available
    • Network/floating license allows for license roaming (option)
    Hardware license:
    • Can easily be plugged in to a different computer to run the software

    Software license:
    • Requires an internet connection to activate, transfer or upgrade
    • Transfer to a different PC is not as easy as a USB key
    • Changing hardware may invalidate your license if not deactivated first
    • Virtual servers may change their hardware IDs, which invalidates the license. Revalidation requires actions from us, that may take up to 5 days
    • Approximately every month, the license must be validated with our Licensing Server. An internet connection is required
    • Network/floating licenses require additional software installation (NetKey License Server) on the server
    Hardware license:
    • The USB key must be shipped
    • Higher costs
    • No license roaming
    • Not available for the stand-alone DICOM Anonymizer

License tools

  • Click here for a detailed explanation how to register, activate, upgrade, transfer or check a license of the DICOM Viewer.

  • Click here for license explanation of the DICOM Anonymizer.

  • Click here for explanation of the License tool, how to control your license.