Display speed

DICOM scenes are displayed with the speed stored in the DICOM header up to a maximum of 100 Frames Per Second. The display speed can be changed in the toolbar by clicking on the 'FPS 50' text and, while holding the mouse button down, dragging the mouse pointer left or right to respectively decrease and increase the frames per second.
Reverse the playback by pressing the button to the right of the FPS-display, the image of the button (solid arrow, left or right) indicates the displayed direction when you press it, so not the actual display direction.
Just below the 'FPS 50' label you'll find the increase or decrease buttons. They change the Frames Per Second by 1.
You can set the default display speed by double clicking the FPS text ('FPS 50' in the image below).

If no FPS data can be found in the DICOM header, a default speed of 12.5 fps is set.
No FPS selection panel is displayed for single images.