DICOM viewer folders

The default installation folder is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\DICOMviewer' but it can be changed during installation.
The DICOM viewer will create a few additional folders at first start. These folders are used to store data such as log files, saved images or scenes and all incoming (retrieved and received) DICOM files.

The default root folder is 'My Documents\DICOMViewer'. This folder holds all stored data and can be altered before first start by using DICOMViewer.ini file. After first start, the user can change folders via the settings of the DICOM viewer. The following sub-folders will be created in the root folder: The folders for received- and retrieved DICOM files can be changed by selecting a new storage folder in which both sub-folders will be created. See general settings. These folders must be able to hold large amounts of DICOM data and should preferrably NOT be located on a network drive. This to prevent the retrieval process from slowing down due to the overhead of saving data to a network drive.
When the user changes this folder, a check will be performed to see if there is enough storage space available. This to make the user aware of possible storage limitations.
Received- and retrieved DICOM files are deleted automatically at startup of the DICOM viewer, as set in the 'Delete incoming DICOM files' settings.