Insert DICOM server data

This explains how to enter DICOM PACS/server data, test and store it. Open the 'DICOM servers' window via the 'DICOM Query and Retrieve' or 'Send DICOM files' interface (DICOM server - Edit).
The left side of the 'DICOM servers' window holds the list of PACS/DICOM servers entered by the user or added by the administrator. Select a server from the list to view or modify the data or to test/echo the connection. Server data entered by the administrator using a DICOM server ini file, cannot be modified.
Consult your administrator to obtain the correct data of the DICOM servers in your institution.

Security settings of most PACS/DICOM servers require you to specify the AE title of the DICOM server correctly. Also choose a unique AE title for the DICOM viewer, see DICOM Communications settings, AE title. Inform your administrator of the AE title of your DICOM viewer. This, together with your (local) IP address, should be known to the DICOM server to allow you to query it or retrieve image data.

The listen port number is the port over which the DICOM server will make a second connection to send the retrieve data to the DICOM viewer. This connection will be initiated by the DICOM server and thus is an incoming connection. Check your software- and hardware firewall (f.e. router, port forwarding) to allow incoming connections over this port to reach the DICOM viewer.