How to use the DICOM Anonymizer

The DICOM Anonymizer is a seperate free software application to anonymize a single DICOM file, multiple DICOM files or a single folder with or without subfolders.
The software can be downloaded and installed for free, separately from the DICOM viewer but is included and integrated with the fully licensed package.

Download the DICOM Anonymizer for FREE. Go to our website and click on DICOM Anonymizer or click here.

DICOM viewer integration
The anonymizer is included with the licensed DICOM viewer package. Integration with the DICOM viewer enables you to:
Check option 'Anonymize data' in the store/push/burn interface.

When burning or sending/pushing DICOM files anonymously, all selected patients/studies/series/individual DICOM data will be anonymized first, using the separate DICOM Anonymizer. Your temp. folder will be used to store the anonymized data, make sure there is enough space available. All anonymized temporary files will be deleted when the burning or sending process is complete.

The 'Store DICOM files' feature directly stores the anonymized data in the destination folder you selected.

Stand-alone DICOM Anonymizer