;Sample file of 'DICOMViewer.ini', initial settings of the Rubo DICOM viewer.
;Store in the installation folder, by default 'C:\Program files (x86)\DICOMViewer'.

;General DICOM viewer settings
;    <ROOTFOLDER>D:\My Documents\DICOMViewer</ROOTFOLDER>             ;Example of full folder path. Commented out
    <ROOTFOLDER>%USERPROFILE%\Data</ROOTFOLDER>                      ;%USERPROFILE% represents the Windows environment variable 'USERPROFILE'.
                                                                     ;Any environment variable can be used. Folders can be altered by user
    <PATIENTSORTINGORDER> 1 </PATIENTSORTINGORDER>                   ;0 = descending, 1 = ascending. Sorting settings can be altered by user
    <RECEIVEMODE>true</RECEIVEMODE>                                  ;allow user to use receive mode, default. Setting cannot be altered by user
    <UPDATECHECK = off>                                              ;do not allow user to check for updates, default is 'on'. Setting cannot be altered by user

;Example of PACS settings
;<PACSSERVERS> data will overwrite any server from the users local server-data which has the same <NAME>
;<READONLY>, when set in this section, will set ALL servers in this section to readonly ('true') or editable ('false').
;            If not set, the user can edit server-data and store it in its own local DICOMServers.ini file
<PACSSERVERS>                                                        ;Start of the PACS servers section
        <NAME = Minimum server data example>               
        <NAME>Server example, all elements specified, readonly</NAME>
        <DESCRIPTION>This is a description</DESCRIPTION>
        <NAME>Server sample, can be edited and stored in user settings</NAME>
        <PORT = 2762>
        <DESCRIPTION>TLS encrypted DICOM server</DESCRIPTION>
;    <READONLY>true</READONLY>                                      ;If set in <PACSSERVERS>, this setting will override the readonly value set in <PACS>. Commented out