Anonymize blocks

There are a couple of tools available to anonymize patient data and to hide or scramble image data. In the toolbar of the image window, assign the 'Anonymize block' tool to one of the mouse buttons. Use this mouse button to draw a block over the sensitive image-pixels. This block is used in all images of a run and a maximum of 4 of these 'general' blocks are allowed.
Press and hold the CTRL-button while drawing an anonymize block specific for current displayed image only. An additional 4 of these image-related anonymize blocks can be drawn.

Delete a block by moving the mouse over it and double-click. The anonymize tool should be selected and the anonymize block will light up when the mouse pointer is moved over the area.
All blocks can be removed at once via the menu, go to 'Tools' and 'Delete anonymize blocks'.

You can now create a WMV video, animated GIF or save an image with the garbled image data.