Angle measurement, lines

Assign the lines-angle tool to either mouse button. You can now draw lines, the same way you take measurements, and the angle between the previous and current line is displayed. See image below.

The angle will be measured between the line you are drawing and the previous line.
It is not possible to add a line between 2 existing ones or change the order of the lines.

Each line can be modified individually. Move the mouse pointer over either end of the line, so that a box is displayed over the end point and the line is displayed dashed. Now click and drag the end-point to a different position and the new angle is displayed. See image below.

The entire line can be moved as well, maintaining the angles between the other lines. Move the mouse pointer over the line, check if the line is dashed and click and drag the line. Make sure you are not too close to the end-points, or you will drag just the end-point and change the angle, instead of the entire line. See image below.

The displayed angles are never more than 90 degrees and are not negative. The dashed line displayed between 2 connected lines, does not indicate how the angle is measured. It's only there to indicate which lines are connected.

Delete a line by moving over either one of its end-points, and when it's displayed dashed, double click. The new angle displayed is the angle between the lines created just before and after the just delete one. See image below.

Delete all lines by clicking the 'Delete all measurements, areas and angles' button in the toolbar. This will delete all other measurements as well. Delete only the angle lines by choosing 'Delete angles' in the menu of the image window, under 'Tools'. The alternative way to delete the lines individually is described above.

See the Angle tool settings to change the creation- and display characteristics of the tool. The only exception is that the color of all angle-lines will remain the same, despite of the the setting 'Change color of next angle'. This setting only applies to the 3 point angles.