Activation Key license

An Activation Key is required to create a license key on the computer of the user (single license) or on a network server (floating/network license). A single license Activation Key is obtained by installing the software, running it and by filling out the Registration form. Our License Server will reply by sending an email with an Activation Key. Enter the Key in the Registration and Activation form to activate the software and obtain the free 7-day initial license without limitations.

The license of the DICOM viewer can be activated, upgraded or may be transferred via the menu of the DICOM Viewer. In the menu, go to 'Help' and 'License' to check which tools are available for your license. The installation may include a License Tool, see in the installation folder sub-folder 'LicenseTool'. This folder holds various short-cuts to handle the License Key.

The free initial license expires after 3 days. To continue using the DICOM Viewer, you must purchase an upgrade.